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Hello Fellow Citizen

We are inviting you to be a part of the DESIGN TEAM that helps to create our future together.

Our strength in this country has always been in our unique blend of history, culture, people and accomplishments.

However, it has been said that one’s greatest strength can also be one’s greatest weakness.

Unfortunately, this great diversity has also facilitated just too many unproductive and personal debates which DIVIDES rather than unites and the amazing thing is that we really do have so much more in common than we think.

We INVITE and CHALLENGE you support the process of getting us all WORKING BETTER TOGETHER.

Step 1 is to continue through this instrument and share your thoughts and ideas.

Step 2 is for you to share the second link in the email with everyone you know whether they agree with you or not. You can use whatever means you chose such as email or social media.

Your Ideas WILL make a difference.

Wouldn’t it be great to again stand TOGETHER, PROUD AND ALIGNED, like we have so many times in our past.


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