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Your position
Owner/Senior Management
Plant Manager
Press Room/Printing Manager ( ) Procurement Manager
Press Operator
How long have you been a customer of Sun Chemical?
Less than a year
1-5 years

6-9 years
More than 10 years
Don't know
Which products do you purchase? Please select all that apply.
 Flexible PaperFlexible Film
Folding Carton
 Corrugated Box
Narrow Web Tag & Label Shrink Sleeve
Towel & TissueOther (please specify)
If other, please specify:
Check the areas in which you have had direct experiences with Sun Chemical during the past 12 months: .
 Engagement with local sales personnel
Contacting Sun Chemical for technical service/support (Customer Technical Service (CTS) Representative or Application Specialist) Interfacing with Sun Chemical in-plant employee (on-site)
 Ordering Sun Chemical products
Receiving shipments of Sun Chemical products
Using Sun Chemical products on press
 Invoicing/billing of Sun Chemical products
No direct experience with Sun Chemical in the past 12 months
If other, please specify:

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