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Hello and Welcome,

We would so like to share the new programs and systems with you. We are still in BETA and inviting people to join us in the final design of this truly unique and exciting program.

We are so overwhelmed by all of the support that we are getting in our goal of getting People to Work Better Together through ProjectStage5 .

As a BETA member you will have access to the ProjectStage5 Individual tools before anyone else and be a part of a significant new form of open and transparent communication.

As an individual, we need to ask you some key questions about your associations, so that we can provide you with a highly personalized assessment and action plan that is all about you and your ability to Lead from Your Current Position.

Please complete the profile form on the next few pages.

We are so excited about working with you and will be back in touch really soon!

Sincerely ,

Your Project Stage5 Team


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