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Hello Fellow Innovator,

We are inviting you to be a part of the design team that helps to create a new model around human analytics and performance .

Your thoughts and ideas will be combined with those of tens of thousands of others to fully understand the human element and how it relates to organizational culture and performance.

The study is called The Great Humanizing Performance Initiative and contains key metrics around organizational strategy, engagement, culture, performance, resilience and humanity.

Fact: Organization’s now must consider Employee Engagement as a top tier strategy for sustainability let alone growth and performance.

Fact: There is a huge business case for humanity and treating each other well in the workplace! . . . Just ask Google!!!

Fact: In this new world of work, the barriers between work and life have been all but eliminated as the external community has a huge affect on engagement and performance.

Together we can be at the leading edge of that thinking.

We invite you to join us in this research and be a part of the global team that discovers how to put all of these key components together.

We will share the results with you as they come in so you will be a part of the process all along the way.


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