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Section 1 - Organizational
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Please consider each of the following statements. Then on the left side, please indicate how VALUABLE the attribute is to you and then on the right side the degree to which you agree with the statement as it relates to your organization or community.

  Level of Importance  Organizational   Level of Agreement

(Agility) We are able to adapt quickly when things change or they don't work out as planned.

(Competency) We are well trained and competent in our roles within the organization or coummunity.

(Community) We are very effective in supporting the community where we operate and many of our employees live.

(Customer/Stakeholder) We understand our customers/stakeholders really well and always focus on creating great experiences for them.

(Efficiency) We are extremely efficient in how we do things.

(Engagement) We are highly engaged and constantly looking for new and better ways of doing things.

(Innovation) In our organization or community, innovation is a top priority in both our products and services and in how we deliver them to our customers / stakeholders.

(Purchasing) We consider our suppliers/ partners and consistently involve them in helping to make us better

(Reputation) Our overall reputation is strong and consistent with our customers/stakeholders, employees and other partners.

(Strategy) We have effective strategies that are well understood and supported.

(Decision Making) We make well informed decisions consistently and effectively throughout our organization / community.

(Trust) There is a high level of trust that our organization/community has integrity in its leadership and how it operates on a daily basis.

(Leadership) Leadership is clear, responive and acts with constant and trustworthgy values.

(Management) Management is well trained and consistent with the organizational values and goals.

(Wellness) Overall our team is emotionallly and physically well as it relates to our interactions.

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