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Section 1 - Humanity
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Research done by Project Humanities and MindSuiteMetrics has identified 12 "Elements" of a humane society. As you might expect, in every city, town, or community, some of these factors are working well and some need work. We invite you to tell us which is which!

First, fill in the left column to indicate how important you think each element is.

In the first column on the right side, please indicate how frequently you see this element practiced in your community, town, or city. In the second column, please indicate how frequently you see this element practiced where you work.

  Level of Importance  Humanity   My Work  My Community

(Charity & Generosity) People are kind and generous and go out of their way to help each other.

(Compassion) People consistently demonstrate empathy and concern for the feelings, sufferings, or misfortunes of others.

(Diversity) People consistently welcome, appreciate, and value everyone who wants to contribute, no matter their background.

(Empathy) People consistently understand how others within our community feel.

(Fairness) People consistently make decisions that are free from personal bias or discrimination.

(Forgiveness) Most people will forgive someone who has done them wrong.

(Friendliness) Most people are friendly and affable to people they know AND don’t know.

(Integrity) People are consistently honest and have strong moral principles.

(Kindness) People are consistently kind to everyone.

(Respect) People consistently have the desire to respect the property, ideas, and feelings of others.

(Self-Reflection) People consistently reflect honestly on personal strengths and seek to be a better every day.

(Temperance) People consistently demonstrate self-control and restraint when others do hurtful things.

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