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Section 1 - Culture
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Please consider each of the following statements. Then on the left side, please indicate how VALUABLE the attribute is to you and then on the right side the degree to which you agree with the statement as it relates to your organization or community.

  Importance  Culture   Level of Satisfaction

(Performance) We deliver quality products and/or services on time.

(Collaboration) Everyone supports true collaboration and teamwork.

(Environment) I am proud to recommend our organization/community as a great place to work (and/or live) to a friend or acquaintance seeking employment

(Leadership) The members of the leadership team make the long-term strategy of clear to employees/stakeholders.

(Leadership) The members of the leadership team act with honesty and integrity at all times

(Management) My manager provides clear direction on what our team needs to do to reach our objectives and how I support those goals.

(People Practices) The people policies, programs and practices are consistently applied here

(Resources) I have the tools, systems and support I need in order to be effective

(Resources) There are enough team members in my area to deliver on expectations

(Managing Performance) I understand clearly how my role helps my group and the organization/community reach its objectives

(Reward & Recognition) Formal and informal recognition practices reward the right people and the right behaviors

(Strengths) Our strengths, individually and as an organization/community, are discussed, reinforced and leveraged in measuring performance

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