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Section 1 - Our Community
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As it relates to where you live, on the left side of the grid, please tell us how important each of these items are to you.

Then on the right side please indicate your level of agreement with each.

  Level of Importance  Our Community   Level of Agreement

Beauty - I am really proud of the way our coummunity looks.

Business Friendliness - Our community goes out of it's way to help businesses prosper.

City/Town Leadership - Our City/Town Leadership is efficient, helpful and makes wise decisions.

Culture, Sports and the Arts - Our city is rich in opportunities to attend and participate in sports, music, theater and the arts.

Diversity - Everyone who wants to contribute is welcome, appreciated and valued in our city

Education - Our city has a reputation for high quality education at all levels.

Employment - In our city, jobs as well as opportunities for advancement are available at all levels.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Our city really encourages innovation and new businesses.

Health and Health Care - Public fitness opportunities and quality health services are all a great part of our city.

Housing - Our city has safe, comfortable and attractive housing at all levels. We have very few homeless people.

Nature and the Environment - Our city protects natural beauty, and strives to constantly improve the quality of air and water

Prosperity - in our city there is a general sense of prosperity no matter where you look.

Safety - Our city has a low crime rate and it is safe to go anywhere even at night.

Seniors - Our city takes care of its seniors, encourages them to contribute and has opportunities for them to stay vital, energized and active.

Transportation - Everyone can get around our city quickly and easily with minimal delays and minimal congestion.

Youth - There are meaningful and rewarding possibilities and opportunities for young people within our city.

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